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Infant and Child Sleep Solutions

Sleep is not a luxury. It is a biological requirement and the highest form of self-care. Restorative sleep, is fundamental to our mental and physical wellbeing, and our children’s.

Sadly, sleep is the nemesis of many parents, and sleep deprivation has become an accepted norm of parenthood. I personally struggled and suffered for many years with my children’s sleep, not realising that severe sleep deprivation was not normal, that there was another way, and that it was OK to reach out for help.

Whether you have a cruisy cat napper, an enthusiastic early bird, an energetic night owl, or a, wake-every-hour-on-the-hour-never-sleeping-through-the-night-until-starting-schooler, if you’re not coping, chances are neither is your child. You do not have to undertake the journey of parenthood alone. I am here to help you…

I take a holistic approach to infant and child sleep and consider health, environment, nutrition, your family dynamic, your personality, your child’s temperament, your parenting style, and work together with you, to create a tailored, nurture based solution to your challenge, that suits both your family and your child, without compromising your parenting style.

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the gift of sleep - how to get baby to sleep
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