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Is it guaranteed to work?2017-08-21T11:41:39+00:00
It is not possible to guarantee the effectiveness of any program, due to the many external variables that exist, and may detract from results.
Is your sleep coaching approach based on Cry It Out (CIO)?2017-08-21T11:41:47+00:00
NO. The CIO approach is based on leaving a baby/child to cry for extended periods of time, without providing comfort and reassurance. My coaching encourages parents to respond, assist and support as required, compassionately and respectfully.
Will my baby cry?2017-08-21T11:42:32+00:00
In most cases YES. A baby cries to communicate and express their needs and feelings, and when presented with change, this is a normal response. Rest assured that this is not the crying of child abandoned, in pain or hungry. If at any stage you are uncomfortable with the level of crying, you are encouraged to comfort and reassure your baby before continuing.
Is it suitable if my baby is sick or has a diagnosed medical condition?2017-08-21T11:46:25+00:00
It is imperative that you seek medical approval from your health provider before commencing my programmes. If your child has a diagnosed medical condition, you must be guided by your health professional. In most cases, the program will still be effective and beneficial depending on the extent of medical condition.
Is it normal to feel sleep deprived?2017-08-21T11:47:18+00:00
It is common to feel sleep deprived with a new born or young children, but you should not accept long term sleep deprivation as the norm. Long term sleep deprivation can have damaging effects on you and your baby, both physically and psychologically. I strongly urge you to seek help if you are feeling this way.
At what age can I help my baby fall asleep on their own?2017-08-21T11:48:08+00:00
The first 6-12 weeks are about establishing feeding and bonding with your baby. By 12 weeks a child’s biological clock is developed, and if feeding is established, there is no reason why you can’t begin to introduce some positive rituals and routines around sleep.
How long will it take to see a change in my baby’s behaviour?2017-08-21T11:48:47+00:00
This is very much dependent on the challenges you are facing. In general, you should begin to see a change within 3-5 days if you consistently follow the advice provided. You and your family must be committed to making changes to ensure success with my programmes.
What is your process?2017-08-21T11:49:32+00:00
Before I provide any advice, I familiarise myself with your challenges. I then either meet you or speak to you via phone, Zoom or Skype depending on the package you have selected. My plans are then tailored to suit your unique situation, without compromising your parenting style.
Do you travel regionally outside of Broome?2017-08-21T11:50:07+00:00
Yes. I love to help all families regardless of their location in the world. Please note that travel expenses will be incurred for regional locations outside of Broome.
Can I contact you for a chat?2017-08-21T11:51:14+00:00
Of course! Click on the contact icon to schedule a chat, call me on 0400 44 30 52, or email me at carli@thedreamcoach.com.au
Can I ask for more help after I have seen you once?2017-08-21T11:52:39+00:00

Yes, all my packages have follow-up options available.

Can I share my program with friends?2017-08-21T11:53:28+00:00
No. Your plan is tailored specifically to you and your child as individuals. By all means refer your tired or struggling friends, if you think they could benefit from some help or the gift of sleep.
What is the refund policy?2017-08-21T11:54:27+00:00
Due to the nature of the individualised content of each program, there is a no refund policy. Please read Terms and Conditions provided before purchasing.