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The Art of Intuitive Parenting

What is intuitive parenting?

Intuitive parenting is listening with your heart. It is keeping your eyes, ears and minds open to your children, and letting what you see, hear and feel speak directly to your heart. It is doing what you feel best. It is based on our conviction that we all ready know what our children need, and having the courage to do what is right for our children, by listening to and acting on our own parenting instincts.

You might have noticed that my brand design features an owl. It was no coincidence that I chose the owl to represent my brand. The owl embodies love, security, nurturing and wisdom. The ancient Greeks revered the goddess Athena, who was the goddess of wisdom and guardian of the Acropolis. Her symbol was the owl, so the bird became a symbol of higher wisdom and a bird of prophecy in many ancient cultures.

The owl spirit animal is also emblematic of a deep connection with wisdom and intuitive knowledge. It guides you to be still and stand back from all that you have been told, turning inward for wisdom, found from being quiet and listening to ones’ inner voice. A nocturnal creature of the night, the owl is symbolic of inner knowing and intuition, giving you fresh eyes with which to see the woods from the trees.

Like the owl, instinctive parenting is innate. We are mammals, born to nurture and care for our young. Human babies particularly, are the most vulnerable species at birth, requiring twenty-four-hour care and protection. Generations before us have birthed and raised their off spring intuitively, tapping into their innate higher wisdom.

Sadly, with the development of the digital era and the advent of Google, new parents are now bombarded with more information than ever before. To the point where they have quite literally lost their way and lost their ability to intuitively parent. To exacerbate the situation, many of us no longer live in a village or community where we are surrounded by family and supported and valued in undertaking this immensely challenging role.

I know, that you know, what you are doing. I also know that you feel overwhelmed often, with everyone’s ‘well meaning’ advice and opinions. You know what you want. Let me show you HOW. As your coach, I will gently guide you home to your heart. I will encourage you to turn within to embrace your own unique parenting style, and to trust in your innate ability as a parent, arming you with the confidence and knowledge you need to stop worrying and start nurturing and enjoying your children, as the parent you were born to be.

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‘A wise old owl sat on an oak; The more he saw the less he spoke; The less he spoke the more he heard; Why aren’t we like that wise old bird?’ Unknown