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Inspiring, supporting and empowering parents and families to embrace the journey of parenthood and reclaim their dreams; not just in sleep.

Becoming a parent is the most exhilarating and rewarding, yet challenging experience – believe me, I truly get it. But parenting can be tough.

As a mum of four, I’ve experienced unsettled newborns, toddler tantrums, terrible two’s, three-nagers, pre-schoolers, primary schoolers, tweens and most recently, the minefield of teenage-hood.

My philosophy is based on compassionate, respectful parenting. Each child is an individual and families are unique, complex, dynamic units, that must be treated as such. What works for one, won’t necessarily work for another.

We all come from different backgrounds, have different opinions and we all parent differently, but at the end of the day we all love our children and want the best for them.

I am passionate about supporting families create a positive future and feel privileged to work with families just like yours. My programmes will help you regain control and confidence and empower you to enjoy your journey as a family. Providing simple steps for you to follow, I will create a holistic, nurture based, tailored solution, that suits both your personality and your child’s temperament, without compromising your parenting style and I will guide you through the process to ensure success.

It is my passion to support and empower you with the knowledge and skills to embrace and enjoy YOUR journey and be the best parent YOU can be. If you are feeling stressed or overwhelmed about your parenting journey, I’m here to help you.

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I’m Carli Pamplin – The Dream Coach.

Empowering parents is my super power.

I’m a mum of four, originally from New Zealand, currently living with my family in Australia.

Family is my number one value, my reason and my children and family are my why. I am passionate about all things family, children and parenting. It lights me up and is my happy place.

It all started 17 years ago when I birthed my first born. In fact, from as young as I can remember, becoming a mum was all I ever dreamed of and I have truly been blessed. But after 15 years practising law, a divorce, four children and uprooting my family from our village, to move to another country, I found myself still searching for my ‘purpose’. Dedicating the better part of my life to parenting, had led me to lose sight of who I was and question who I had become.

I decided to get brave and to change my story. I took a leap of faith, and trained as an Infant and Child Sleep Coach, which complimented my background in family law and parent education. Never losing sight of my dream, I’ve finally found something that aligns with it, enlightens me and can finally say I am living in my heart space.

But let’s face it, parenting is a tough gig, even tougher without the support of a village, which inspired me to develop The Dream Coach brand, after identifying a massive gap in the market for parents, parenting without any support.

My childhood dream of becoming a mother is now evolving as I become ‘mother to many’, working with incredible families daily. Families that have been brave enough to reach out and ask for my help, something I desperately wish was available when I was lost and struggling.

My passion is to reach out to every parent that feels stuck and lost in this journey, and help them to live in their joy space, by inspiring, supporting and empowering them to embrace and enjoy their parenting journey, and reclaim their dreams; not just in sleep.

Don’t waste another day feeling helpless or anxious about how you are parenting, or let sleep deprivation define you as a parent. You are never alone – I am here to help you.


Every one of us has the power to create an amazing journey for ourselves and our family.

My aim is to build on your existing knowledge, encourage you to follow your intuition and feel empowered by your instincts, leaving you enjoying, trusting and feeling calm, confident and in control as a parent.

As your personal coach, I provide non-judgmental support, information and guidance on:
  • Pregnancy, birth and the post partum period (the fourth trimester)
  • Nurturing and feeding your child
  • Weaning and the transition to solids
  • Sleep education, settling techniques and flexible routines that suit your family
  • Behavioural stages and challenges
  • Regaining your health and fitness through wholefoods and movement
  • Self-care and personal development as a parent
  • Creating the life you desire as a family



A series of thoughts, images and sensations occurring in a person’s mind during sleep.
A cherished aspiration, ambition or ideal.


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Empowered Parents


“I contacted Carli at a time of self acceptance that over all I wasn’t coping well with my 1 year old twins! I knew from experience from my 3.5yr old that crap stages pass but they shouldn’t last for months. They were chronically overtired, crying a lot and despite other professional advice and change in routine, things weren’t improving. Carli suggested a new day routine and other changes in a kind way. Her plan was tailor made for us, instead of a general routine for that age. She also explained the science around the changes which I loved. And wow! In the first week, it was like I had new babies. Despite getting sick the routine was still able to be implemented gently. Carli was in contact 24/7. In her words, she really is invested in the family and it’s nice to know she’s there. I can’t recommend Carli enough.”


“Carli has been with us from the beginning, I think when bub was around 4-6 weeks old and the continuous guidance and support is second to none. I had a 3.5 year old when the newborn came along and felt like we did everything wrong with him which developed into to bad sleep habits which continues today (getting better). From the beginning we gave our newborn the opportunity to learn good sleep habits and with Carli’s recommended routines our now 6 month old has currently got a great sleep routine, self settles and is never over tired or hard to put down and is a happy baby. Carli continues to provide support and guidance through follow up messages and emails and you can feel that her passion is her driving force. This service is definitely needed in Broome. Sleep is something that is incredibly important and good habits CAN be taught from an early age with persistence. I promise that you will never regret seeking advice but you may regret not seeking advice. Carli you are amazing.”


I can’t thank Carli enough for helping our 5 month old son finally sleep through the night. We tried countless methods of sleep training from different people’s advice, books, & internet. We even we paid for sleep help from a nanny recommended from the local doctor, with no success. Being a first time mother and incredibly sleep deprived we tried everything and we were just about to give up when we found Carli. We were extremely sceptical at first but after only 1 week
our son is sleeping wonderfully, going from waking every two hours, to just waking for one feed a night. Now he is so much happier, feeding better and we can read his cues so it’s become really easy. We can focus on being the best parent we can and enjoying every minute with our precious bundle. We will be forever grateful Carli, and will continue to use you in the future as our son progresses and has other leaps. Broome is incredibly lucky to have you here as a sleep consultant and
life coach. Thank you xxx”

“I’ll admit I was soooo sceptical!!! I have a 4 year old & at the time 9 month old & tried soooo many different things with each of them! I had paid $ for sleep consultants down south, called Ngala numerous times and read sleep books galore! I felt like I’d tried it all & had come to the conclusion that my boys just didn’t like to sleep. My 9month old was waking for sometimes up to 3hrs in the middle of the night or starting his day at 3:30/4am some days!! I was a wreck & at breaking point!!! Within the first few days of trying Carli’s advice I saw changes!! We are now over 1month in & haven’t looked back!! I just cannot believe that we have had such success. Not only is my little boy sleeping through but we now have a routine for the day time, I can actually plan things around his sleep times & I know he will always go down no problems. The sleep assessment Carli provided me with was 100% tailored to MY child, not just skimmed over and told he “should” be doing blah blah! I was so impressed when she emailed it through. Carli has been in regular contact & is such a beautiful person inside & out!! The way she works and information/guidance she provides is like nothing I have ever tried & she is just so passionate!!! Would absolutely recommend her to anyone 110% & she is sooooo needed in Broome. Mum’s who get decent sleep are happy mumma’s”


“Thank the universe for Carli!  I offered to be one of her volunteer case studies, at the time Zuri, my daughter was 8 – 10weeks and still in new-born-sleeps-all-the-time mode. Although the sleeping would only happen with my full involvement, rocking, feeding, wearing etc… That soon changed and I knew I needed to help her learn to sleep and wanted to do so without creating too many habits along the way. I’m not able to do ‘crying it out’. I don’t disagree with others doing it, but I just can’t seem to myself!  Thankfully Carli was sympathetic to my gentle approach and her tips and advice were super helpful. The first technique I tried, apprehensively too, worked so well, through some grizzles she was asleep in under 5 minutes. Never a full blown wail! That was the only time I experienced resistance, after that, as long as she was ready to sleep and not over tired we did the same technique and literally minutes and she would be away!  Techniques have changed, with the same ease of transition, Zuri at 4.5 m onths is now put to bed awake and falls off to sleep on her own. Hooray!!! Carli has been at the end of a message with tips, support and words of encouragement any time I’ve needed it.  Eternally grateful for the invaluable training you have provided.  Thank you”





Whatever your challenge, there is no shame in chatting to someone about it, and sometimes that’s all you need. Just some reassurance that nothing you are doing is wrong and your child is normal.

There are plenty of ways to achieve desired outcomes, compassionately and respectfully.  If you’re curious, wondering what if, or just need someone to chat to, send me a message or give me a call. I’d love to talk to you.


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